Animal Control

Town Dog Control Officer

For Animal Control: Contact Chenago SPCA

Phone: (607) 334-9724


Local Veterinarian Offices:

  • Compassionate Care (607) 334-4545
  • Pet Street Animal Hospital (607) 336-7387
  • New Berlin Veterinary Hospital (607) 847-6118
  • Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital (607) 965-8991
  • Hamilton Animal Hospital (315) 824-5412

Dog Licensing - It's the Law

Many dog owners do not realize that it is New York State and Town Law to license your dogs.  All dogs harbored in the Town of Sherburne for more than 30 days and reaching the age of four months of age must be licensed.  You can apply for a dog license through the Town of Sherburne Town Clerk, One Canal Street (Behind the Fire Station).  Proof of Rabies is required.  If you have any questions, please contact the Town Clerk at (607) 674-4481.  Below are the dog licensing fees for the Town of Sherburne:

Dog License for One Year for a spayed/neutered dog — $6.00

Dog License for one year for an unneutered/unspayed dog — $13.00

The above licensing fees include a NY State APC (Animal Population Control) fee of $1.00 and $3.00 respectively

Purebred Licensing Fees:

  • 0-10 dogs – total of $25.00
  • 10-25 dogs – total of $50.00
  • Over 25 dogs – total of $100.00


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