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News Papers


Welcome to the Center for Online Education, a website dedicated to conducting data driven research about higher education in the United States, at the Center for Online Education, wanted to ask you about our recent research to get your feedback to see if it could be valuable for those who are interested in pursuing their college education in New York.

With the completion of another school year, there is still a large number of students that are undecided about furthering their education. For these students, the biggest roadblock is knowing what field of study or career path to pursue and how to pay for a college education. To help solve this problem, we created a comprehensive guide where students can research colleges and universities in New York (or any other state), or learn about schools by degree/major. In addition, we have a consolidated list of national scholarships and other forms of financial aid.

For New York students who are looking to stay in state, I thought they might be interested in:

  • To view online colleges in New York Visit Here
  • To view scholarships and financial aid in New York Visit Here

For others who are looking to explore out of state programs, then they can find it here

Because of the project’s non-biased approach and focusing on only not-for-profit public and private higher education institutions, the Center for Online Education has become a valuable resource for government entities like the Wellsville Central School District and Sherburne-Earlville Central School District, New York.

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