There are ten different cemeteries located within the Town and Village of Sherburne. Two other cemeteries once existed, but the bodies were moved to two other cemeteries. One of these cemeteries was located at Sherburne Four Corners, and the bodies of that cemetery were relocated to the Poolville cemetery, in Madison county. The other cemetery that existed was the White Cemetery, which was located where the front lawn of the New York Central Mutual Insurance Company is today, on Chapel Street. These bodies were relocated to the East Hill Cemetery on Collins-Bingham road. Below are links to each respective cemetery. Each individual link contains the location of that cemetery, mentioning some famous citizens of Sherburne buried in each, and photographs of that cemetery. The Town Historian’s office has a cemetery reference book, listing each citizen buried in each respective cemetery.

* The Howard Cemetery is located behind the Tillotson cemetery but is very difficult to find and is very small.

List of Cemeteries