Each year a select committee comprised of Sherburne Historic Park Society and Museum members, members of the Town board and one member of the community at large elects a member from the community to receive the “Citizen of The Year” award. This awards is given to a select member of the Sherburne community who has contributed to the welfare and betterment of Sherburne. The award began in 2004 with Honorary member Howard Finch posthumously being the first to be given the award. The following links will send you to each person who was given the award each subsequent year and what they contributed to the community:

Honorary Member Howard Finch

William Kehoe 2004

Robert ‘Doc’ Benedict 2005

John and Betty McDaniel 2006

Rose Wellman 2007

James Webb 2008

Harry Conley 2009

Peggy O’Connor 2010

William Hodges 2011

Bruce Webster 2012

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